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Rifle Laser Sight Buying Guide


For those who love hunting or target shooting, having the right rifle is essential. Besides the rifle itself, the rifle must also have the right accessories. Therefore, you should find the best laser sight for your rifle especially if you want to become competent in hunting or target shooting.

If this is your first time buying a laser sight, keep in mind that research is a must before you make your decision. This is particularly true if you’re in search of the best green laser for ar 15. On that note, below is a list of some of the factors to put into consideration when looking for laser sights.

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To start with, you need to consider the size of the laser sight. Keep in mind that finding the right size is paramount. For instance, if you pick a laser sight that is too big, it will be challenging to hold your aim. Moreover, a laser sight that is too big might put too much weight on your rifle. On the other hand, a laser sight that is too small might not be able to withstand your rifle’s recoil.

Laser Color

Next, it is essential to consider the color when buying a laser sight. Although a red laser is cheaper, experts recommend buying green laser due to several positive reasons. For instance, a green laser is suitable in low light conditions since our eyes can easily notice it. Moreover, a green laser is more powerful compared to a red laser because it has a brighter light. Therefore, your reach is farther with green lasers.

Speaking of brightness, make sure to consider the brightness of the laser sight that you choose. Laser sights can range from 6 – 600 lumens. Obviously, the brighter the sight, the better.

Battery Life

One more vital factor to consider when buying a laser sight is battery life. Obviously, you need to choose a laser sight with excellent battery life. However, the longevity of your battery really depends on how you use your rifle. For instance, your battery will not last long if you’re in a low light condition because you’re expected to max up the brightness of your laser sight.

Additional Accessories

Besides the laser sight itself, you also need to consider the additional accessories that you can mount on your rifle. For instance, a tactical flashlight can be of great help, especially when hunting at night. Think about other products that you can mount on your rifle to improve your experience.


Make sure that you consider the factors mentioned above when shopping for laser sights. Furthermore, it is highly recommended to search for blogs that focus on gun accessories. This way, you will gain extra information that might help you come up with the right decision.