a bike with full graphics

An Easy Guide to Dirt Bike Graphics


People get new graphics on their bike for two reasons: they are professionals who want to display their sponsor, or they want to give a makeover to their loved bike. Whichever yours is, every bike owner must know the basic rules of installing bike graphics on their ride. Otherwise, the whole attempt may fail and ruin the bike’s aesthetic.

Start with the Custom Graphics

dirt bikeContrary to what you may have heard from others, it is actually ideal for getting custom graphics for first-timers. First reason, you can learn how to measure the decals the right way. Second, many custom shops are cooperative enough (they are supposed to be) to the customer’s request. You can talk with the expert and gain some field knowledge on how to get the right design for your bike. And that is the most priceless basics you cannot get from browsing around the Internet.

Moreover, if you have done some body modifications on your bike, then getting the decals in the fit size can be an issue. Custom dirt bike graphics can get you free from such risks because everything is measured with precision.

Know Your Options

First, you’ve got to know that you don’t have to get the full kit graphic for your bike. You can opt for the decals to be installed on the radiator shroud, air box, or fender only. In fact, partial graphics have been the current trend lately. The age of fully graphic bikes seems to have come to an end, and this flashy look is slowly replaced with the tougher and more mysterious style.

Second, the quality of graphics vary. Even though you may find people using the term decals and stickers interchangeably, those materials are very different in terms of quality and durability. Decals can blend in with the bike’s overall design better than stickers. However, you can expect decals to wear out after two or three years under harsh environment. Stickers can last up to 8 years, but the choices of design are limited and simplistic.

You Can Install the Graphics by Yourself

If you’ve searched about this topic on Youtube, you should have known that you can install bike graphics by yourself. With only a heat gun and patience, you can get the new look on your bike fast.

However, the risk of doing things the DIY way is that no one is giving you the warranty you need. Let’s say you order the graphics online, and when you install them, you make some errors. The thing about installing graphics is that it won’t be easy to redo your mistakes. Even if you try, the result of the removal might break the decals entirely. Therefore, you’d be better to get some spare decals of the same design, or you can just save your time by letting the custom shop get everything done for you.