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Different Ways to Be a Better Demand Planner


If you are a demand planner, then you have probably heard that you have to acquire a lot of technical skills. However, if you do not have important soft skills, it is bound to be difficult to apply those technical skills as required. Fortunately, by practicing traits shared in this post, you can become a better demand planner and increase value in your business.

Be Positive

Being positive is an important aspect in demand planning. If you have a negative attitude, you are going to find it difficult to gain the trust of the business partners. The truth is that no person likes being close to a negative person. In fact, being negative is a way of alienating yourself, your profession, your function, and your entire department. Therefore, try to have a positive approach to things, and you will become successful in demand forecasting.

Be Friendly

As a demand planner, there is a need to gain the trust of other people, who think you are approachable and personable. It does not matter whether some people do not like you personally; it is advisable to be a friendly person. Being friendly does not mean doing wonderful things to others, but doing simple things like smiling, asking others how they are doing, saying hello, and remembering another person’s name.

Be Punctual

The truth is that being punctual is a sign of respecting other people. You need to be available for meetings and showing up on time. If you are doing a conference call, do it on time. Avoid postponing or canceling things at the last minute. Always stick to your schedule. Every attendee at your conference will appreciate punctuality.

Be Proactive

As a demand planner, you have a degree of latitude when it comes to the boundaries and scope of the job entails. Ensure you make it the right way to do it. Develop new approaches and research on other people’s opinions. Think of the value you deliver to your coworkers or the entire organization. There is no harm being involved in projects that are outside your area of specialty. That is the way to approach your duties as a demand planner.

Be Teachable

You can always be better. Therefore, get responses and feedback from your clients and use it to improve yourself or the manner to deal with similar situations.