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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Buy an Automatic Cat Litter Box

Buying an automatic litter box for your cat is a great decision. This is because it comes with many advantages over any other option. However, there are some things that you should know before making the purchase, which will help you choose the best and most suitable one for your cat. Below are a few questions to ask yourself when shopping for the automatic litter box.

How Does Your Cat Do Its Business?

Different cats may have different ways of doing their business. If the cat urinates horizontally, for example, you should ensure that the litter box you choose does not have low walls. One that has a dome may be a better option to ensure the cat’s urine does not splash outside the litter box. Another thing to consider includes how much the cat digs and the positions of the litter box it always uses.

What Is the Health and Diet of Your Cat?

kitten playingThe feces of a cat that is in good health are usually not very creamy. This makes it a lot easy for the automatic litter box to collect them irrespective of the mechanism being used. If the cat has a health condition that makes it urinate excessively or have very creamy feces, you should factor that in when choosing an automatic litter box for it. The types of food that your cat eats can also be a contributing factor.

What Personality or Habits Does Your Cat Have?

The habit of your cat may make it a bit of a challenge to get it to start using the automated litter box, simply because it is used to something different. You should, therefore, go for something that has some similarities with the old litter box. For example, a box with regular litter may be better than one with crystals. The personality of the cat also matters. A nervous or shy cat, for example, might not easily get used to a noisy litter box.

How Many Cats Do You Have?

The number of cats that you have will help you to determine the size of the automatic litter box to buy. The design also matters as some are meant to be for only one cat. If you own many cats, you might start considering the number of automatic litter boxes to buy.…

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